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How to unlock the R.A.I. K-84 Wonder Weapon in FIREBASE Z

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There are four different ways you to get your hands on the R.A.I. K-84 wonder weapon in the latest Call of Duty Zombies offering FIREBASE Z. When you are playing in a party, you are all going to want to grab this powerful rifle inspired by the original Ray Gun wonder weapon from Nacht der Untoten.

Mystery Box

The mystery box could be the easiest way to get your hands on the R.A.I. K but it’s a luck of the draw. You might lay your hands on the new wonder weapon with as little as 950 points. But if you are like me, it will probably take a couple tries, or 20. If you have the points to spare, why not try your luck at the box.

Bunny Easter Egg

This method is not guaranteed but it is super simple and there’s a chance to find the R.A.I. K. If you don’t get the wonder weapon, you will get a bunch of other drops and a free can of Juggernog Soda! After activating all of the power terminals, return back to the Village and activate the Pack-a-Punch machine by talking to Ravenov. Head up the stairs and locate the bunny stuffed animal on the second-floor balcony. Aim your gun at it and the Bunny will twitch. Stay focused in and the bunny will lunge at you. (Be careful as when this happens, you get locked in location for a moment and zombies can still hit you).

You will be teleported to an aether forest. From there, you must find and shoot the three different glowing bunnies. Finally, locate and loot crate that spawns in and harvest the goodies. Don’t forget the free can of Juggs! You aren’t guaranteed the R.A.I. K but it’s definitely worth a try every game.


It’s possible to get the R.A.I. K-84 by completing trials, but it isn’t a guaranteed either. Activate the trials via the Trial Computer in the Helipad. You have a chance at scoring the Wonder Weapon by claiming a Legendary reward. To receive a legendary reward, you will have to complete a few different trials. As you complete trials, the reward will automatically upgrade to a higher tier until it hits legendary. It’s easier to get these knocked out in earlier rounds.

Continue to progress through trials as your rewards increase in rarity, first common (green), then rare (blue), third epic (purple), and finally legendary (orange). If you score intel as a reward, return to the helipad and claim it at the Trials PC before activating the next trial. Once you unlock a legendary reward, no sense in completing the remaining duration of the current trial. Race back to the reward station and claim that reward. Remember, don’t claim any rewards at the reward stations until the reward tier has been fully upgraded to legendary.

Weapon Blueprint

First things first, you need to have the power on and pack-a-punch activated. This is done by by activating all three aether reactors. Before you can begin piecing this powerful ray gun together, you need a blueprint to work from. Head to the Weapon Lab. Just left of the computer terminal you’ll see a board with the R.A.I. K-84 Blueprint  pinned to it. Pick up the blueprint and prepare to hunt down the components in order to build it

Exit the Weapons Lab and head for the Scorched Defense battlefield. Follow the path on the right down the slope until you reach a burning tank with a zombie propped up against it. If you hover over the zombie, you’ll see that it’s Dimitri Kuhlklay. Interact with the zombie to retrieve Kuhlklay’s eye.

Head back to the Weapons Lab. Interact with the computer terminal and use the Retina Scanner. A drawer will open in the desk, revealing a locker key. Grab it head to the Barracks 2 building to collect the next item, Kuhlklay’s Diary. This item isn’t a weapon component for building the Wonder Weapon, but you need to open all the lockers to prompt a Mimic to spawn and drop the next component.

Once you’ve opened all six lockers, a Mimic will appear. Some players have reported as many as three Mimics spawning during this section, so it’s best to kill all of them. One of these enemies will drop the Barrel Assembly weapon part. Doctor Strauss confirms that this is definitely part of the Aetherium rifle prototype.

Return to the Weapons Lab and look at the computer terminal. Interact with the PC and pay attention to the pie chart on the screen. This circle is cut into sections and it’ll flash on specific segments. You need to memorize where it flashes, as you’ll have to shoot the same spots on a dart board back in the Village. You’re looking for a three-digit code and these appear to be different for everyone.

So, once you’ve got it committed to memory, go to Mess Hall in the Village (Left of pack-a-punch). Shoot the corresponding sections on the dart board (the large segments) on the wall, in the same order previously presented on the terminal screen. Then shoot the bull’s eye. An Aetherium Converter will drop onto the floor. Pick it up and teleport back to the Firebase.

After round 15, Mangler zombies will begin to spawn. You need to kill one by shooting it’s blaster as it charges and before it fires. When successfully completed and killed, it will drop an Uncharged Power Cell. As Doctor Strauss outlines, this will need to be charged before it can be used, so head back to the Weapon Lab.

On the right side of the Weapons Lab, there’s a table with the large B521 shell on it. It’s here that you’ll find a small battery charger that can be used to charge the Power Cell. Place the power cell on to the charger and let it charge. Check back after a couple rounds and the power cell should be fully charged. Pick it up and head over to the work bench (where you picked up the blueprint) to assemble the R.A.I. K-84 Prototype!

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