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How to Increase your Odds of Securing a PS5 or Xbox Series S/X

So, you’re trying to snag a PlayStation 5 or XBOX Series S/X console? If you clicked into this post, you probably haven’t had amazing luck in this department. Well, join the club. These consoles, since release back in November, have been in extremely high demand and have been practically impossible to find. This can be attributed to poor distribution, flawed retail practices, and oh yeah, stupid bots swiping up the consoles the millisecond they are posted for online sale. With a stimulus check in hand, one may be considering alternative buying options, but please, whatever you do, DO NOT cave in and drop $1,000 on a scalped console. Sony and Microsoft assure retailers and consumers that more consoles will be showing up on store shelfs and online throughout the next several weeks and months. However, that still doesn’t mean you won’t have to put a little effort in to securing your console. Let me provide you with stop tips and strategies to increase your odds of finally picking up that new PS5 or XBOX.

Tip #1: Avoid Physical Retail Stores

While it may be tempting to scour your local Gamestop on the chances they may run into a system, most stores are not selling them to in-store customers. Retailers like Target and Best Buy are exclusively selling the consoles online for in-store pickup or shipping. Even if they have the consoles in-stock, they can’t sell them to you. Don’t even waste your time checking these store’s physical inventory levels, just avoid the brick-and-mortor stores all together.

Tip #2: Follow these Twitter accounts

If you don’t haven’t been following along on Twitter, you have been going about this all wrong. There are several twitter accounts dedicated to helping you secure that console and tweeting as soon as online retailers post them for sale. Additionally, you can do your own research into some different  hash tags to monitor. For starters, I recommend following these Twitter accounts:

Tip #3: Subscribe to an Inventory Tracker

I recommend using You can set up subscriptions to the different products you would like to track and chose which retailers to receive alerts for. You can set up alerts to be sent to you via text or email but I recommend keeping the website open for an audible alert as soon as one of those puppies becomes in-stock somewhere.

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