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Sony Confirms Virtual Reality for PS5

Sony has just announced they are working on a next-generation VR headset for the PS5. The headset won’t launch this year, but Sony has plans to make it available on the PS5 at some point in the future. Sony’s new VR headset will include an improved field of view, resolution, and a single cord to make it easier to use. Sony is also working on a new VR controller, which will use some of the features found in the DualSense PS5 controller. The VR controller will also focus on improving ergonomics. Sony will start issuing development kits for its next-gen VR headset soon, but the company isn’t detailing the full specs or release dates just yet. Sony’s original PlayStation VR headset debuted more than four years ago, and you need a special camera adapter to use it on the PS5. As soon as more details and a release date are announced, you know where to find it!

Sony reveals PS5 Virtual Reality Controllers

With VR on the PS5, Sony aims to achieve a much deeper sense of presence and stronger feeling of immersion in VR experiences. VR on the PS5 will build upon the innovation introduced with the DualSense wireless controller, which changed how games “feel” on PS5 by unlocking a new way to tap into the sense of touch.

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