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PLEX adds support for Retro Games with PLEX Arcade

Plex, the popular media server software that lets you organize and stream your own movies, photos, music now has a whole new way to experience game play! The newly announced Plex Arcade allows you to add Retro game emulators to your server. You start off with a library of arcade classics, but can then personalize your collection by adding your own games, emulators, artwork and controllers! For those that are familiar with Plex, you can get access to some additional premium features such as live TV and syncing content with your mobile devices when armed with a paid Plex Pass subscription. However, Plex Arcade is a separate paid service not included for Plex Pass subscribers. Plex Pass subscribers do get special pricing for Plex Arcade, starting at $2.99 a month. Those without the pass can still power up Plex Arcade for $4.99 a month or sign up for a free 30-day trial.

Video and audio streaming have always been Plex’s specialty. However, with some impressive developments in interactive game streaming technology, Plex has partnered with Parsec: a low-latency game streaming service. It’s now suddenly possible to enjoy fully playable game libraries within Plex.

Plex Arcade comes pre-loaded with a nostalgic collection of various Arcade and Atari games. You can expand your gaming collection by adding your own Emulators from the listed game consoles and compatible ROMs.

Compatible Emulators

Supported Devices

Due to platform limitations, it is not currently possible to game remotely when using Apple TV or iOS clients. Those platforms currently only support playing games on the same local network (LAN) as the Plex Media Server. Plex reports more devices will be added to support Plex Arcade in the future as development continues. With gamepad compatible devices, you can use just about any bluetooth-enabled controller.

Check out our tutorial to learn how to easily add your own emulators and games to Plex Arcade!

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